As a Dermatology Practice, you have unique billing issues.

Whether it is how to bill appropriately for medical procedures vs cosmetic procedures, modifiers, billing for different drugs, waste, and the complexity of different cases.

At Strategic Solutions, we monitor changes in your specialty area that result from CPT and DX changes, new coding edits, or even areas of focus from the Office of the Inspector General.

We communicate with you through our one-on-one meetings and through our Billing Alerts to ensure that you understand the ever-changing payer rules.

Our Dermatology billing service offers you:

  • Assurance that the complex care you provide your patients is reflected in the coding of services, and ultimately, in your reimbursement. As payers are moving to evaluating and reimbursing on the complexity of a practice’s cases, diagnosis coding becomes more important. Our billing staff and certified coders have an in-depth knowledge of coding for Dermatology conditions.
  • Knowledge of the rules for home health care, ensuring that your services are paid. Our knowledge of billing in these areas decreases the likelihood of claim denials.
  • Protection of Patient Privacy to prevent reportable breaches. Our billing staff is routinely trained on HIPAA, which is particularly important with your patients. You can be confident that we are continuously working to protect patient privacy.

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