Understanding the Big Picture is Necessary to Survive

conference room meeting 3 peopleStrategic Solutions gives you the management support you need, whether it is an assessment of your practice or a long-term management contract.

We offer a free one-hour conlong-term to discuss the current status of your practice, followed by a customized proposal based on that discussion.

Our menu of services includes:

  • Full Practice Assessments, to give your strategies on how to improve your efficiency and profitability.
  • Targeted Practice Assessments, to improve performance on key financial and operational areas to boost your bottom line.
  • Practice Start-Up Services, to set and meet volume and financial goals included in a comprehensive business plan.
  • Practice Merger Services, to avoid the many pitfalls that can be associated with the merger of two practice cultures.
  • Management Services, to provide high-level management services without the cost and commitment of hiring a high-level manager.
  • Project Management, to bring short-term projects to a successful completion, from adding a new provider to moving to a new location.

Whether you need help with a specific problem or are seeking long-term management support, Strategic Solutions can provide the services you need.