Are you keeping up with all the complex and changing regulations?

We provide our staff with ongoing, rigorous training. This training includes keeping up with changes that are specialty-specific, so they have a thorough understanding of the issues particular to your practice.

In addition, our staff is supported by a management team with extensive, high-level experience in both the hospital and private practice setting.

Are you being paid all you should by insurance companies?

While it’s often easy to receive payment for clean claims, there’s so much hard work involved in following up on unpaid claims and denials. We evaluate payment rates and full adjustments, working with payers to appeal claims. We’ll get you the money that you rightfully deserve. Our unique combination of billing and practice management expertise can make a tremendous difference for your bottom line.

Consider the benefits:

  • Understanding your finances. Your dedicated Billing Consultant will communicate routinely with you to review key billing indicators that track your financial performance.
  • Peace of mind. We provide the billing expertise, so you can devote your time to do what you do best — practicing medicine. Our commitment to Corporate Compliance, HIPAA and staying current on all regulatory issues ensures that your billing meets the highest standards.
  • Increased cash flow. We make sure claims are filed quickly and that every encounter has been billed. Our aggressive follow-up on unpaid claims ensures every dollar is collected.

  • Access to qualified staff. Finding expert billers is not easy. We provide trained, qualified billers that cover your practice every day, complemented by a high-level management team.

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Get the Money You Deserve

We reduce claim process time and improve collections.

We work with your practice to ensure that the first claim submission is a clean one, and keep on working that claim until it is paid. Our days in AR beat industry benchmarks, as reported by the Medical Group Management Association.

We understand payment rules.

Experienced trained staff, including certified coders, quickly identify areas of concern and work to develop action plans to optimize your reimbursement.

Achieve Peace of Mind

Redirect Your Energy.

When you are no longer being held down by issues related to billing, you can find the time and energy to focus on what you do best: caring for patients.

Access to Trained Billers.

Our Training Program provides both initial and ongoing education, ensuring staff is knowledgeable about all aspects of billing.

Gain a Deeper Knowledge of Your Practice

Access to comprehensive information.

We provide detailed monthly reporting that can be customized to your practice. It provides a wealth of information about how your practice is functioning. We don’t just provide reports, we work with you to interpret and analyze data so you can use this information to improve your financial performance.

Information on revenue enhancement opportunities.

We help you understand how to access additional revenue through incentive programs designed to reward quality.


Run Your Practice More Efficiently

Are you compliant with ACA’s mandate for Corporate Compliance?

The regulatory environment for practices is becoming increasingly more complicated. Many practices do not have updated HIPAA Privacy and Security Plans, and few have ongoing Corporate Compliance Plans.

As your billing company, we want to ensure that you are aware that you are required to have a comprehensive compliance program in place if you meet specific criteria. We can help you identify what that criteria is, as well as your risk areas and create solutions that meet your Corporate Compliance needs.

MIPS: We can help you avoid financial penalties from not participating:

  • Make the transition from Meaningful Use to MIPS and make sure you continue to meet the required benchmarks
  • Ensure that there is accurate and clear documentation in case of an audit
  • Provide training on the tougher measures
  • Navigate upcoming changes to the Program


Are you keeping up with all the complex and changing regulations? Our team can help. Get in touch to find out how we can improve your bottom line and give you peace of mind.