Are you maximizing incentive programs?

incentives iconMIPS, CPC+, Payer Incentive Programs….There are a variety of quality incentive programs available to practices. Yet many practices are not reaping the full financial rewards of these programs due to a lack of time or simply a lack of awareness. We will help you identify incentive programs that make sense for your practice, maximizing financial benefits and reaching your goals.


We can help you avoid financial penalties from not participating by helping you:

  • Make the transition from Meaningful Use to MIPS and create a plan to reach future benchmarks
  • Ensure there is accurate and clear documentation in case of in an audit
  • Provide training on the tougher measures
  • Navigate upcoming changes to the Program


We can help you navigate the requirements to be successful at achieving and sustaining practice transformation:

  • Implement processes and procedures to meet program requirements
  • Analyze data to ensure you are meeting and exceeding program guidelines
  • Interpreting and problem-solving for more difficult program requirements

Payer Incentive Programs

We can help you identify new sources of revenue and avoid future cuts in payments:

  • Identify unique Payer Incentive Programs that benefit your practice
  • Implement processes and procedures to meet the requirements of these programs
  • Analyze data to ensure you are meeting program guidelines and capitalizing on financial returns

Find out what we can do specifically for your practice.