Client Stories

We’ve had the satisfaction of helping so many businesses over the years. Here are what a few of our clients have to say about their experience with us. 

“Strategic Solutions has been key in turning our practice into a very efficient, patient-friendly business. Their billing services have improved our financial performance.

Their valuable insight in improving workflow, in providing coding education, and in EMR implementation support has allowed us to meet the challenges of this ever-changing medical world.

I highly recommend Strategic Solutions – they provide reliable, approachable, and honest services.”

Mary Ann, Office Manager, Capital Eye Care

“Karen Roy of Strategic Solutions communicated clearly and succinctly the requirements for PCMH and CPCI.

If she didn’t have an answer at her fingertips she went and found it.

Her no-nonsense guidance (along with her sense of humor) was exactly what our office of nine providers needed to meet our goals”


Scotia-Glenville Family Medicine, affiliated with Saratoga Hospital

“Our high Medicaid population required us to attest that we have a Corporate Compliance Program.

Strategic Solutions came in and helped us organize our current efforts and formalize an ongoing Compliance Program that meets the state and federal guidelines.

They simplified a process that would have taken us weeks to accomplish.”

Mohawk Valley Orthopedics

“Ms. Demaree was able to show me a number of options, enhancements, and strategies that greatly increased my ability to use the EMR, even after 11 years of experience using it. I was able to use shortcuts, planned packages, and other techniques to improve my productivity while shortening my time spent on these activities. In this way, she greatly enhanced my ability to use the EMR, and offered solutions and strategies that increased my efficiency and shortened the time it took to create timely and relevant patient encounters.”

Dr. James Aram

“We knew our billing was not being done properly. We hired Strategic and they corrected and streamlined our billing process and improved our collections. Our claims get paid with very little delay due to the efficient processes they have in place. This company has allowed us to practice medicine most efficiently and still be confident that we are being paid correctly.

In addition to the billing process, we also utilize Strategic’s consulting expertise to keep us abreast of the latest payer and industry requirements and to keep us informed of how our practice is performing. Doctors are very busy people and our training has not included practice management. Strategic has taken away a lot of stress and fear that results from a lack of business knowledge. They have been invaluable to the continued success of our practice.”

Fe Mondragon, MD

“I turned to Strategic Solutions for assistance with the initial PQRS system and also for assistance in developing a Risk Assessment Program.

Our newest task is the MIPS requirements, which we received full interpretation and navigation on to obtain the 2019 bonus.

I could not have accomplished this without Strategic Solutions. The knowledge and support have been beyond my expectations.

I feel very confident that our office is running efficiently and meets all the new requirements expected in the new world of medicine.”

Glens Falls Eye Associates

“Strategic Solutions has helped my practice out significantly with billing. They have great communication, follow through on claims, and ensure that collections are actually received.

I have tried other companies in the past and couldn’t be happier with Strategic Solutions.”


Dr. Tenenboym, Precision Foot and Ankle, P.A

“Julie came to teach the basics of Medent to me. I am new to the system and she was absolutely amazing. She is very knowledgeable about Medent and was able to answer all of my questions. She was able to help guide me from the basics of how to meander through the system, to teaching me tips to improve productivity such as pre populated care plans. I hope to work with her again in several months to gain more of her knowledge about utilizing Medent efficiently once I have been working with the system longer.”

Katy Kivela, FNP

“Not only is Julie personable, she is extremely knowledgeable in both the informatics of the Medent System but also brings a provider’s perspective into your training. As a provider, typical EMR trainers are likely not able to help in the ways we would like to comprehend how our workflow/chart navigation works in the real work world. This is where Julie comes in! She was able to give us the typical EMR training on day one and by day two she was helping to personalize Medent to each individual provider and their needs.

I can honestly say that after day two of training with Julie I felt more proficient in utilizing Medent than I would otherwise with a standard non-clinical EMR trainer. Grateful to have had her training is an understatement!

Amanda Konieczny, FNP