As a Podiatry Practice, you have unique billing issues.

Whether understanding the new rules for DME or how to properly use modifiers.

At Strategic, we monitor changes in your specialty area that result from CPT-4 changes, new coding edits, or even areas of focus from the Office of the Inspector General.

We communicate with you through our one-on-one meetings and through our Billing Alerts to ensure you understand the ever-changing payer rules.

Podiatry is one of the more complex billing areas and has been faced with several challenges over the last few years:

  • Variations among payers on how and when to use modifiers. We know what each major insurance company expects and work with you to get the right information to payers, so your claim gets paid correctly the first time.
  • Routine versus medically necessary foot care. Our knowledge in this area helps you avoid situations where patients may be left with large balances—ones that may never get paid.
  • Bundling edits adopted by the insurance company. Many podiatry procedures are routinely bundled together even in instances when such bundling is not appropriate. We know when the bundling rules don’t apply and how to appeal and get the claims paid.
  • Increased attention by OIG. Podiatrists have come under increased scrutiny from Medicare for billing of services which lack medical necessity, whether in the office or nursing home setting. We can help you navigate these concerns and avoid audit.


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